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December 20, 2007



again let me say .. LOVE THESE... Love em.. so fresh so fun so creative You continue to Rock girl


You are soooo stinkin' creative! What a fantastic family!


I voted for you on Tara's blog :D and now I've added you to my faves!


I love these images!!!!!!
Very creative, fun and colorful!!!!!!!!


I found you through Tara's blog. These photos are absolutely awesome! So creative and fun, I love them! And, what a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!


You so should have won...nothing against Andrea as she is so great, too but man, this was so creative, so bright...SO ORIGINAL!!!! You should be very proud of yourself. New at all of this "blog-stalking" and I am so enjoying it.

Amy Hummel

Congrats on the second place on Tara's blog. I voted for your picture... because it's AWESOME. I even e-mailed it to my husband and told him that I wanted a family picture like that. He thinks I'm nuts!

I just LOVE your creativity!!!


Congrats on winning second on Tara's blog! I've always loved your work...thanks for inspiring us!


Congrats on second place!! I am congratulating the other winners, but your feet picture was by far my favorite!! So fun and awesome. It rocks! :)


I found you through Tara's blog! (you *totally* should have won!) I LOVE your work!


Found you through Tara blog too! Your photography is amazing!!!!! How about a quick trip to Australia to photograph us??? :)


ah-ha so that's who those boots belong to! I loved the boot picture when it was your banner. What a great family! Your colors in all of your pics are brilliant!! Merry Christmas Kathy!!


These boots are very cool - what make are they?


I thought this was brilliant but now that I know this is your sister and her kids......
Well, what is the word that is beyond brilliant? I'll be back when I come up with it!

Jolene Kroeger

Again just GORGEOUS! So where in the world did she find all those different colored BOOTS! I can never find that many different colored boots for my kids and I have 5!

Kara Elmore

Ohh Kathy - these are awesome! Looks like everyone else voted for you too! This was SOOO fantatic! Even before I saw your name, I knew you took it! ;)

A Wolfe in California

Very creative. The colors just seem to come alive in these photos.

Melissa E Earle

I LOVE these images. THE BEST I have seen in a long time. Seriously though, I loved that you saw this happen and you went out and did it yourself. The boots images are GREAT! You are one creative diva I think
-Melissa E Earle


awesome photos!! Which "kid" is the mom here!?


OMg how fun, I love these totally cool and different!

Heather Meyers Photography

fun fun fun love the images!!! ;o)wil def be back for more inspiration!

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