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October 08, 2007



The pic of the cake in the barn - amazing! What beautiful shots!

Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

So, you clearly DO shoot weddings...wanna do some more? :)


I recently second shot at a wedding and learned so much. I really enjoy the second shooting and allowing the creativity to shine through. Nice job, especially like #1.


These are awesome.. you did a great job..and I agree its good to step outside your comfort zone every now and again

Miz Booshay

funny pam...he he

Kathy you did a great job! It would be nice to be co-pilot. Less pressure...more fun :o)

And may I say...

twinkle lights,
oh twinkle lights...
how I love thee.

Kelly Barclay

Oh wow! These are amazing!! You did great capturing emotion. Anytime you get the 2nd shooter itch call me..


Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone! I've got to do that - thanks for the reminder! And I don't think it's just your D200 that rocks - it's YOU that ROCKS. Great job Kathy - these are gorgeous!


Wow Kathy! the unabashed love showing between these two is beautiful.
The fourth is my fav :)

Kelly Barclay

I keep coming back to look at that first one.... and the fourth... I love them!


Thank you so much for photographing our wedding with Deb!! It was so great to meet you and you both were AMAZING! Best wedding photos I have ever seen---and you two say you don't shoot weddings ;) Thanks again!

Melissa M.

Oh, Kathy!! How Gorgeous!!!

Kim McMillan

No words from words've rendered me speechless! And that, believe me, is a first!!!!

Prema Buck

How cool...I didn't Deb was out there shooting a wedding! These images are wonderful and I also love the cake shot from outside.

jan reiter

i feel so bad that you dont do weddings.....i would have booked you for bethany's wedding, even though shes only like 2015....LOVED THE PICS!!!!!jan

Beth Foster

Kathy- I think that first shot is the MOST BEAUTIFUL wedding photograph I have ever seen. Don't let too many brides-to-be get a look at these...they'll be stalking you! And since I already have you booked for Tess's senior pictures (she just turned 20 months) we may as well set her up for her wedding, while we're at it! You're truly amazing.

Marina Miller

gorgeous shots kathy!!! it is inspiring to see how you stepped out of your box for this.

i am one photographer who is secretly glad you are saying NO. ;)


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