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October 29, 2007



I hope you feel better. This photo makes me happy... I just love it!

Jayme Tighe

Happiness is "watchng movies in bed with my hubby and my 2 little ones!" Great fall pic Kathy! Glad you're feeling better.

Judy Palkovic

That photo is breathtaking!

Miz Booshay

The colors in the background are so beautiful :o)

Happiness is....a diet dr. pepper.

Kim McMillan

That photo is pure happiness. Pure.


Love this.. I have been doing a similiar type shots with my boys.. love his pure joy on this


3 is my favorite age and Fall is my favorite season.. you captured both in this awesome picture!

April Haymore

Wow your little one is growing! I love the colors in the photo! In AZ, we don't have fall or trees, so I have to look at you all that do and be jealous!
Happiness is having your health!

Stijn Huyghe

Hi Kathy,

I just discovered your site and blog;
it's awsome to see how you handle family
portraits with such a care and to capture
the sparkle in it.

Keep it going!



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