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September 12, 2007



LOVE the umbrella shots, and the bike! Mmmm, would look just yummy huge on the wall...


WOW...amazing images. The umbrella one is absolutely amazing. What time of day did you take these?

Toni Elmer

I love these... the umbrella ones just take my breath away! I really really love them!


Kathy.. these are all simply fabulous.. really love these.. You continue to inspire me

Michelle Croson

WOW!! Kathy, that session ROCKED!!! I LOVE that first one!!


These shots are gorgeous, love the bike and the long grass, also the boy peeking his head out the door...


Thank you for the comments and emails. Someone asked (emailed) I think about what time these were taken.. all from 6-8pm EST. We really were watching the sun and trying to tilize the best light we sets fast!!
thanks again.

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