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August 12, 2007


Kelly Barclay

Sounds like you had a fun day! Ohiopyle is the best we just spent 4 days down there about 2 weeks ago. We go every year to camp. COSTA RICA is the best place on earth!! I spent a month there about 8 years ago and am dying to go back! Great post and story - thanks for sharing!


Kathy, That was a great blog. I could imagine everything as you were describing it! What a fun story!
Tell it again!! Tell it again!! :)


Thanks for sharing that post.. I think we tend to tuck our childhood memories away and dont bring them out too often.. at least I know that for myself.. I love when you go to a place so full of memories that it just all spills out and washes over you. I am sure your photoshoot was awesome and look at you rafting.. very cool.. looks like it was a glorious adventure..

Chris Baggott

Great Post Kathy and thank you for the kind words.....but ohhhh you are going to be in big trouble when Amy sees this!!! lol

Amy Baggott

Kathy, you're a great story teller, makes me wish I was with you . . .luckily, I was! I love the picture - thanks for sparing me the Lucky Charms one. I trust your artistry completely. What a great writer you are - so happy to have spent time with you in Ohiopyle!

Michelle Croson

LOVED reading your story, so glad you had a great time. Love the Family shot, but love the one with you in it the best!!! Hope to see you soon!

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