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August 02, 2007


Kelly Barclay

This is so cute! Are those spongebob bandaids? They look familiar! :) I can't let my girls see when I go through boxes or all the old toys suddenly become new favorites again. :)


You captured the reunion perfectly! It is adorable!


I love everything about the 1st was brilliant NOT to show his face in that one. It makes you look at his 3 yr old self - typical toddler belly, chubby fingers clutching the bear, and those bandaids!!!Perfection! AND THEN - you put it over the top with the 2nd image. We see the joy in that little face, the wide-open-mouth laugh that he will stop doing as soon as he becomes older, and above all he is PLAYING, what 3 year olds do best.

I want this storyboard, and it's not even my kid!!!!

Miz Booshay

Cute and clever and really, really sweet.


So adorable. I love the last capture. So cute!


those photos are gorgeous!!! i love the little plasters on his feet!


I love that look of Joy on his face in the second shot.. so wonderful

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