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July 05, 2007



Did he just fall out of GQ magazine, or what??? Awesome.


awww Dusty :) you truly are the kindest :) I hope you got my reply email the other day.

Michelle O

GREAT pictures! *Loving* your work like usual! :)

Amanda Peixoto-Elkins

Beautiful photos! Your son is very handsome! My boy is only 5 but I think he will be sooo goodlooking as well! Have a good time at the party... enjoy yourself as well!

Maegan  Michel

They grow up so fast don't they. I can't relate much yet but I do know that my little guy is now just over a year and it went by in an instant. Cherish those momemnts. Love the pictures as always. Graduation from highschool such a milestone. My youngest sister just graduated as well and is off to university in September. CONGRATULATIONS to your son!!!

robynn munnings

he is absolutley gorgeous...wonderfully handsome photographs-love the tats too :) love #1,2and3

Kimberly Hooks


I love pix with him smiling, oh, boy he looks like you, and the one with him and Carter, what beautiful boys you have!



But wait a minute -- I MET you and I truly don't believe that you are old enough to have a senior. What the heck's your secret???


thanks!!! - yes...*sniff* its hard to believe I'm that old! hahaha!!

Kelly Marshall

Kathy you have such handsome boys!! I can only imagine how proud you are of him. He always looks like such a great big brother in your pics too!


Oh I dont know how you did it.. I thought my oldests graduation from 5th grade/elementary school was hard.. I cant imagine high school.. Your son is one handsome


Kathy Kathy know I'm your biggest fan. You know I love all your work...BUT, but I have to say, that out of all my favorites, my absolute favorites are of your sons. Together, alone, each one is stunning. The relationship between them is captured beautifully.
Amazing amazing amazing.

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