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April 26, 2007


Alexandra Frankel

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see more.


You're color is so rich - love it!


Sounds like a great time. Cant wait to see some more.


love that shot....B is an inspiration

Joyce Smith

I agree completely! Fabulous time and so much to learn. I am completely inspired and don't know what to do first. :) Wonderful seeing you again . . . this image is stunning!!!


I love Brianna's work.. how awesome you got to attend one of her workshops.. I do have to say I was up at Nikon Canada yesterday took my D2X up for a repair.. (long story) anyway.. I saw these flyers/booklets for teh D40 so I knew you had worked with Nikon on this and I opened it up to see your work pop right out. it was so cool. .I told the guy behind the service counter who was helping me that I knew you ( well so to speak ) and was really proud of you. You also inspire me too you know.. glad you enjoyed your workshop cant wait to see more

jesh de Rox

hey Kathy!!! gorgeous work : ) it was wonderful to meet you!

jesh : )

Prema Buck


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