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April 16, 2007



These picture are Fantastic!!! I really love the last one. Your work is so amazing...

Ingrid (catsmom)

Wow, really incredible shots! I can tell he was comfortable getting his picture taken (which is probably not common for 12 year old boys). Cameras don't generally lend themselves to making anyone feel comfortable and at ease; it was you making him feel that way. Really well done...


Kathy.. I love these.. he is quite a striking young man.. I am sure he has a very bright future ahead of him

Mommy Jen

Just discovered your photography, Kathy. You have some wonderful stuff! I'm definitely a fan. These photos in particular are great! Will definitely be checking in here from time to time. Thanks for inspiring me...

Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

Really great! Love the blue tones in the first, just perfect for that image. And of course the one with his parents is so creative...a young man on the edge, ready to grow up and become his own person. And the one with his mom is SUCH a treasure at this age! You rock!


Wow. Great captures. Great story. I am so inspired my musicians. What a cutie too!!!

stacey crescitelli

I will agree with you Kath!
He is so handsome!
Beautiful session~
Nice to catch upp with your Blog


A MAZE ing Kathy.

Nadia Smith

These are awesome...he looks so soulful!

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