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February 21, 2007



Omigosh Kathy, your website ROCKS!!!!!! The pics of course are AMAZING! I just love the first one in the fresh gallery. The music is perfect, and I like the way the slideshow moves quickly and your text is large enough to read without squinting! Great job!


As your biggest fan....I am at a loss for words. It's absolutely fantastic Kathy....

Anna J.

Your site is so fun! it's incredible - your hard work really paid off. I'd hire you, for sure!

Anna J.

Your site is so fun! it's incredible - your hard work really paid off. I'd hire you, for sure!


Oh my! Oh my!! Kathy it is fabulous. I cant believe it.... actually I can.... you never do anything second rate and this is proof. PERFECT JOB!!

Kristy  Lane

LOVE your site Kathy! Love it.

Melissa Mullinax


Kelly Barclay

Your new site looks AWESOME! I love all the colors and the new images! Congrats!


Wow Kathy! Definitely worth the wait - it's awesome!


The new site looks fantastic. The blue is really bright and vibrant and that front image....Wow.


Its beautiful.. I love it.. espically the opening page.. Isnt that Jenna??? I have to tell you.. Seriously I fell in love with your work from the first time I saw it.. this site really shows it off well.

Mia Houle

Your new site is awesome! It showcases your work beautifully.

Debra K

Love, love, LOVE your new site! It's so fresh and fun! Congrats, Kathy!

Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

Now THIS is a website that really shows off your incredible talent! Congrats!

Prema Buck's a great site, love it! I really love your splash page photo...stunning!

Lisa W.

I love your new site, it is bright, fresh, clean, simple and fun and that music is perfect! Your photos are always so inspiring!




The new site is awesome, I love the colors and the whole vibe of the site ... you totally nailed it!



LOVE IT KATHY! This is so fantastic, the colors, the music, it suits your happy childhood work to a tee.


Michelle Croson

You already know how much I love it!!! Best one out there!! It rocks!!!

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