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December 14, 2006



hey can't wait to see the new website .... I am so excited ... love the new logo too ... enjoy a much needed break you deserve it ... send me a cookie or two .... my kids are terrified when I start the oven up ... they have the phone in hand to call the fire department ... nice eh .... guess cooking is not my talent !!!


I love the new logo. Enjoy your holidays. I visit your site regularly to check out your latest work. Your style and how you capture pure innocence is very inspiring to up and coming photographers like myself. I can't wait to see your new website.


I agree with meagan, very inspiring! I love the logo, it suits your style of photography perfectly! Fresh, perky, colourful.. it's great


ahhh....I LOVE the colors in this. How cute is her expression ---- you're awesome! BTW...great logo :)


Looks great Kathy.
Have a great 'break'!!!!!!


Love the LOGO.. has a bit of a retro feel.. very fun and fresh.. also.. enjoy your time off.. cant wait to see the new website..


wonderful new logo! have a great holiday!


LOVE the photo and the logo Kathy! =)

Have a wonderful holiday too! =)

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