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November 10, 2006



thanks kath for your timely post .... that is exactly what I need to do ... you are so smart !!


Hey Kathy - thanks for the "happy friday" ... I have already started working towards my new goals, but this gave me that extra push that I needed. 2006 has been a rough year, but I am leaving it behind and looking SO forward to 2007!! ~*enjoy your weekend*~


Great idea.. and well said..


Wise advice Kathy...thanks for sharing it! I know around this time of year things get so busy that we forget the little things! =) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the's contigeous! I laughed and smiled as soon as I saw it! =)


This is so true! Let's not forget to smile.


I just love this photo -- happiness personified, and just the right image to go along with your very good advice.

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