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November 20, 2006



Very cool, Kathy. What an honor to have the chance to do something like that!


That's awesome! How did they find you or know about you should I say? Love those shots too...btw.

Fara Smith

Kathy . . . wow, what a fun adventure you must have been on. I am so excited for you! I too want to know how you were choosen, what a great opportunity. I want to hear more, more, more. Don't wait to long for more exciting detail!


Kathy.. I had no idea about any of this... what a treat and experiece for you and your family and to be apart of something like that. awesome..I looked at the brochure through the link provided so cool to see your work like that... How did you get chosen for This?? cant wait to hear more about they whole experience..

Michelle Croson

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!

BTW....Miss ya!


O--M--Goodness! I had no idea either...thats what I get for not coming to the getogether..huh?! are soaring! A big congrats to you. Please tell us more. Are ALL the images yours?


These are great. They just look so serene in the mist of all your frustrations! Wonderful.

Debra K

Kathy! These are awesome shots - what a wonderful opportunity for you! They picked a top-notch photographer who did a first-class job!


Wow! Kathy! What an exciting life you lead, jet-setting all over the country from Chicago to New York, and rubbing shoulders with foreigners! You're amazing! Its so great to read your blog and be thrilled to know that I know you! Great job on the sunset pics! Your work is so inspiring.

sarah goodman

WOW Kathy...this is HUGE...congrats...Your photos are Fabulous! Yippee for you!

Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

Can I say I knew you when?! This is just BEYOND big...Nikon only uses the BEST!!!

Lisa W.

Wow, how exciting and what a great opportunity and experience for you!


Congrats Kathy! WOW! What a fabulous experience for you!


Kathy! How neat. The images are awesome. So, when are you going to start giving workshops? You are such an inspiration- I am so lucky to have met you. Congrats!


Wow! Congratulations! What a tremendous honor. And of course you did a spectacular job.


YAYYAYYAA!!! Are these the people that contacted you ages ago?? (same people that contacted me, I think?). SOO Freakin' COOL!!! I'm so psyched for you, and I can't believe you had times during the shooting when you didn't think it was working. You ALWAYS make it work girl (or at least it looks that way to me).


Well done!!! I'm so excited for you!! :)

Mary Kelly

Wow--way cool Kathy. I can't believe you never mentioned it at the Workshop in Chicago. Next in line--cover shot. Can't wait to see your next endeavor!


man you suck!
lol i cant believe you kept that secret! you rock girl and totally deserve this!


What an exciting post!! I'm so happy for you. Looks like you had a blast and you took some gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Stacy W.

You rock girl!!! I am so proud of you (umm, and a lot jealous - lol)! Amazing amazing work. Hope you are enjoying your time off!

Prema Buck

Kahty~this is so cool! Congratulations and I loved your shots.

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