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November 02, 2006



Wow Kathy!


Kathy these are AMAZING ... you are so great at photographing anything and everything .... good god woman you made a cab look great ... you should do weddings you would be so great at it !!! ... helping you out all you PA brides !!!

lets see more !!!


Hey girl! I LOVE NYC! Did you get any deals on Canal Street? We go every year in December and then in the Spring for dh's work. Your pics are awesome! I love the "real life" street shots. I have yet to take my Nikon with me though. I stick with the P&S. Someday though...

Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

Man, your photos are sooo that cab shot the best. You need to shoot a few weddings for me to make yourself stay sharp, though, lol!


Holy Cow Kathy....these are amazingly gorgeous....nothing less than perfect! are sooooo talented!!!...way to go woman!!! tfs : )

Fara Smith


You are so awesome! I just absolutely love your work. You have such an eye! The picture in the cab is my favorite. I acually lived in NYC for 6 months while I was a flight attendant for American Airlines. I wish I was there with you I would have site seen with you. Awesome work Girl!


Kathy... as always these pics are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing with us. I love checking your blog, I never know what to expect!

Kelly Marshall

Kathy I love that silhoette shot! (Did I spell that right, doubt it) The little girl dancing in the window light is awesome too! And your little boy is ADORABLE!


Well I think you should consider doing weddings. Those are fabulous!! I don't do weddings either. Way too stressful for me. LOL!


Oh Kathy....those are awesome! Why you don't do weddings is beyond me, you just soar at them. OK...I now why you don't do them but honestly, a lot of people will be missing out! HA..Borat! That is so funny! The dancing with her shadow...if only I could see photos like that...I would have missed that one. =)


Thanks so much everyone! and no Pam, the answer is still no ;) ;)


Kathy,WOW,absolutely beautiful pictures...the world is at your fingertips!!

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