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September 30, 2006


Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

Scary indeed...and very sobering...and very enlightening. Suddenly being 15 sessions behind is absolutely meaningless; hugging your boys is meaning everything!


Kathy - so glad to hear that he is ok.

Michelle Croson

Oh MY!!! How scary! I am so glad he is ok!!!


We had a big scare this summer with my oldest and an emergency appendectomy that went as bad as it could really... anyway.. we are so lucky to still have him here with us.. and all I can say is .. I agree with you completly..there is nothing more important than family and your children and making each day count.. I am glad your oldest is ok.. I hope you are too.. it really can shake a mom..


Jen Lane

OMG Kathy! I'm so sorry David was in a car accident. ANd I'm SO grateful to know he is fine. How horribly scary for all of you. I hope you're doing ok, the accident coupled with the Amish shootings, I'm sure you're a little shaken. I've been thinking about you. Thank you for the reminder of what's important, you couldn't be more right!

Dawn Sela

very scary...glad he is okay!
thank you for the reminder of slowing of my most favorite emails is the slow dance...if I can find it, I'll send it to you;)


thank you so much everyone for your kind words :)

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