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August 17, 2006



Kathy! That last one made me catch my breath! Stunning!


These are all so gorgeous!


They are all beautiful but I agree with Alissa, that last one does take my breath away.

Sara Anthony

Amazing shoots! The second one... oh my. Love the light breaking through the clouds!

Sara Anthony

Oops! Nice typist that I am, the above comment was to read "shot"..... "amazing shot"!


can i just say these photos are amazing. out of curiosity what time of days was it? the sun looks pretty high in the sky...was it overcast? so beautiful. i am searching for a location just like this.


Thanks everyone! Amy- my exif data is showing the time to be around 6:15pm & partly cloudy as you can see in the photos - we really got lucky with the way it was streaking down through the clouds like that that particular evening.

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