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June 25, 2006


Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

Hey, brand new blog! Better fill it up with lots of YUMMY images soon...I love looking at your work!


Hey, Is Kathy Wolfe the best children's photographer--or what??? Kathy Wolfe does some superior work...what a natural...I love looking at her site....she's gonna go far in this business...No doubt!!!!


haha! ok, Gara, I'll pay you your $50 tomorrow - wink wink! good to "see" you!

Hey Pam - thanks for stopping by!

Beth Foster

We have a sitting scheduled with Kathy in 2 weeks and we are soooo excited! I absolutely love Kathy's style, and can't wait to see my Baby Tess captured in photographs.


Looking forward to meeting you too Beth!!

Lesley Dykes

Hey girl! New blog?!? That is on my to do list which is really long considering we return from our 16 day trip to Mississippi tomorrow! :) Kathy is the BEST!!!! Can I have $50 too? Hehe!


dang! another $50 out the window! ;) Lesley's work rocks if anyone is in the Charlotte NC area - look her up!

wendy deis

My M-I-L gave us a gift certificate and I'm really excited to sched an appt after looking at Kathy's work. What a great gift idea!

Karen K.

Kathy has photographed my kids several times. I can't beleive the shots she gets. Her work is great! She does "Capture Life".


Looking forward to meeting you Wendy!

Thanks Karen!!


Kathy has photographed my kids several times (starting at when my little girl was 6 days old). I have a wall covered in her pictures of them. Everbody who comes to my home adores it. I check her website often to check out her new work...beautiful. Thanks so much, Kathy!

Michaela Salvitti

I just wanted to add to all of the positive things about Kathy and her photos...I have a 4, 2 and a 12 week old. Kathy has been over three times now and we LOVE her work. I have started using Kathy for my need for me to try to get the best shots it always fails. Kathy has made my children's album really come to life!! Thank you Kathy for the great pictures of my kids!! and just last night my two year old said his prayers and he had added you (Kathy) to his prayers. I asked him Kathy who? He said the girl that takes our pictures!!!! You are great with my kids again, THANK YOU!

Monica Light

I just wanted to stop and get a Kathy Picture Fix - it's been a while since I've seen your awesome work!

Miss you. :-)

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